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Aquamation, or "alkaline hydrolysis" is a process using heat, pressure, and a water-alkali solution. The aquamation process is the same as what happens naturally, but only takes only about a day to process your pet’s remains.

Aquamation is more environmentally friendly.  "Waste" water is routinely tested safe before releasing back into the environment. There are no emissions directly created from the aquamation process itself. 

Ashes tend to be a powder of white to tan coloration. Up to 30% more ashes are returned than traditional cremation. 

We use a local, private small business.  

Traditional Cremation

Traditional cremation uses fire to turn tissues and bone to ash.  Flame-based cremation is the most common type of cremation available and, as such, tends to currently be cheaper than aquamation. 

Unfortunately, fire typically is produced from burning fossil fuels, releasing significant amounts of carbon dioxide and mercury into the environment in its exhaust vapors.

Ashes tend to be gray from carbon discoloration and are more coarse or granular. 

We use a local, private family-owned business. 

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