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Information & Policies

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We know it’s a difficult time to try and make decisions. Sometimes there are questions one didn't even know to ask.  Get in touch with us today if you can’t find what you need.

Scheduling Appointments​


Calls require particular attention and resources so if you're able, text or email will be quicker. Veterinarian Dr. Charlie’s assistant will be available fastest by our contact form or text (562) 4 LA FIN 3 / (562) 452-3463. 

Appointments need to be made by the owner or an appointed adult representative (over the age of 18)

We pride ourselves on privacy and discretion. Unless a partner or co-owner is noted and authorized when making your account, we cannot release records to others without consent. 

After reaching out to us, Dr. Charlie's assistant will reach out to further assist families and answer any questions. Estimates will be prepared considering driving times and distances, holiday/weekend/after-hours appointments, owner-elected aftercare options (if any), customizations (if any), and pet size & disposition. In some cases, Dr. Charlie will need to coordinate an assistant to meet  him at an appointment for particularly large pets (fees apply). 

After creating an initial file for you and your pet, a consent form will be sent to you to sign digitally. It will automatically return it to us once signed, so no need to print it.



We will prepare an estimate once we have a better understanding of your pet and situation.  Balances are collected via credit card, check or cash. Credit card payments can be accepted before an appointment if preferred.

Appointment Changes & Cancellations

We understand the unpredictability of life, particularly around these sorts of decisions. Please keep in mind, Dr. Charlie is often travelling, sometimes quite far, to help families and foregoing other possible appointments. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours may need a deposit before rescheduling. 


If you are unsure about the timing of scheduling for your pet, consider a phone or virtual consultation with Dr. Charlie. 

Behavioral or Convenience Euthanasia


Euthanasia is not something we take lightly at La Fin. While rare, our veterinarians have, and maintain, the right to refuse euthanasia. In the event this happens while at an appointment, the "mobile euthanasia" fee will be converted to an "in-home consultation" fee.

If you are unsure about the timing of scheduling for your pet, consider a phone or virtual consultation with Dr. Charlie. 

Bites to Humans and Rabies


Unfortunately many pets are in pain and can respond with signs of fear or aggression. In cases where pet's have bit a human and broken skin within the last 2 weeks (14 days), drawing blood, we recommend reaching out to local Animal Control Officers for whether your pet can be quarantined at home.

Typically, pets are allowed to be isolated at home for 10 days before euthanasia can take place (the day of the bite is "day 0").

If families are unable to wait, we are legally and morally obligated to get local public health and Animal Control officials involved to determine whether testing and tissue submission will be required (at owner's expense).

We need to know if your pet has been possibly exposed to wildlife or other animals possibly carrying rabies. 

While we prefer pets to be up to date on their rabies and core vaccines, we need to know if your pet has NEVER had a rabies vaccine (versus overdue). 

Aftercare Cremation Coordination


After an appointment is completed, Dr. Charlie will take pets to the crematory facilities directly or arrange for his associate drivers to meet with him, secure their transfer and transportation the rest of the way. 

Changes can sometimes be accommodated to aftercare wishes but we cannot guarantee changes will be fulfilled. 

Cremains can be picked up from the facilities directly, dropped off by Dr. Charlie or an associate (fees apply and may delay return), or mailed to you (with tracking and signature required, no additional fees). Our loved ones are typically ready to come home within 10-14 days. 

Our traditional cremation partner offers viewing on-site via feed with an appointment and fee.

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